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onetree Onetree stands for exceptional furniture made with utmost respect for the environment and all those involved in the creation process. It signifies natural beauty and the subtle elegance of hardwood.

Onetree embodies timeless, environmentally friendly, minimalistic design.

Our furniture is made from carefully selected indigenous trees that once lined the roadside or adorned cities, but were displaced by the expanding infrastructure. In our pieces, those trees find a second life and, in turn, enhance them with their decades old history.

The finishing process involves only environmentally friendly, natural oils, waxes and pigments derived from minerals and soil. We create only unique, handmade originals.

At Onetree, for each piece of furniture sold, a new tree is planted in urban landscape. We also collaborate with environmental protection organizations concerned with roadside and urban tree conservation.


займ на карту займ на карту срочно без отказа